The Markers of an Advanced Online Blackjack Player

When you’re starting out in the world of online blackjack, it can be pretty hard to figure out who to go to for advice, and who to avoid. Everyone is talking about being an advanced player, but what are the true markers of an advanced online blackjack player.

Before we go into this, a bit of introduction is required. You see, the reason why it’s important to figure out what even defines an advanced blackjack player is because you will want to seek out as much advice as possible to tighten and polish your blackjack game. If you don’t seek out knowledge, you will have a hard time rising up in the ranks — and everyone knows that. In fact, most skilled players definitely remember the days where they were newcomers, which is why they generally do whatever they can to help people that truly, are serious about playing better blackjack. That brings up another point — even after you learn the basic markers of advanced online blackjack players, you don’t want to become an obsessive newbie that does nothing but stake out players to grill them for information. You must demonstrate that you’re actually willing to learn by absorbing what you learn and putting it into practice. It’s one thing jus tot read a lot of forum posts, but are you actually playing hands of blackjack.

The reality of the matter is that if you really want to get better at the game, you have to play the game for a long time. One or five hands a week isn’t going to really get you very far — you need to commit to learning more strategy at least for a few hours every week. That’s the real key to success.

So, back to the original point — what are the markers of advanced online blackjack players?

One of the first points that you’ll se within any skilled blackjack player is their connection to community. Only newcomers think that they can go it alone, and no matter what type of blackjack forum that you stumble across online, you’ll definitely find people that want to take their game to higher and higher levels.

Even though you might not really understand what’s being said, it’s important to really go into those posts and see what is being discussed. You can learn a lot just from the way the skilled players go and ask questions. Notice the threads that get the most answers — it’s usually because the poster has taken the time to really stop and lay their questions out in a neat and structured manner. That’s what you will need to do if you want to be taken seriously by the community at large.

The next thing that separates the truly skilled players from the newcomers is their focus on odds, probability, and mathematical strategy. If you’re still playing blackjack based on luck, you’re never going to be considered a skilled player. You will need to learn the basic mathematics of online blackjack, and then put them into practice. It’s really the only way to get the ball rolling at a fast rate.

By the same token, you will need to make sure that you’re not taking the game personal. Most skilled players are aware that there will be times where even the most refined strategy will not keep them from losing money. This means that they simply accept that there will be times where they don’t win. Instead of getting upset, they go into analysis mode; looking at all of the ways they can get better instead of dwelling on the fact that they lot a single game.

Finally, the last mark of a skilled online blackjack player is that they are more than willing to look back on past games and analyze how they can get better. When you’re trying to get better, you should be pretty serious about looking over your work at every turn. If this means getting blackjack analysis software, then that’s what you really need to do.

Overall, when you really have your heart set on becoming an awesome blackjack player, you will do well to study the markers of an advanced online blackjack player — and then follow their footsteps closely. Chances are good that if you take this advice to heart, you too will become an advanced blackjack player in virtually no time!

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