Grab Cash Back for Life at Spin and Win Casino

The Da Vinci Diamonds slot is the ultimate in online reel spinning action, and what better than to team the very best online slot with one of the very best online slot promotions. We love a good promo that gives us a chance to Play Da Vinci Diamonds Slot a little bit longer, so you can only imagine how we felt when we found the 15% Cash Back for Life from Spin and Win.

Yep, Spin and Win are it again, offering a blockbuster promotion that will give us all the chance to feel that little bit better at the end of the week. However, before we continue it is worth mentioning that Spin and Win is always teeming with promotions and deals, while the sheer amount of the best online slot titles makes it a must visit venue for slot jockeys.

Play Da Vinci Diamonds Slot
If you love the Da Vinci Diamonds Slot then you are going to have a great time at Spin and Win.

The 15% Cash Back for life sounds unbelievable, but believe us it is real, and more than that it pretty much does exactly what it says on the tin. Firstly, all a member of Spin and Win has to do to qualify for this bonus each week is make a first deposit. After that Spin and Win will offer a minimum of 5% and a max of 15% cash back to each member who has played a game and lost during that week.

The minimum cash back paid out is £1 and the maximum is £300 and is paid out each Friday.
Once the cash back bonus has been issued a member has until the close of the day the following Thursday.

It is really nice to see that Spin and Win understands that sometimes luck just isn’t on our side and that a helping hand when playing the Da Vinci Diamonds slot is much needed and welcome.