Blackjack Tips

It is surprising to find out exactly how many people believe that a great blackjack player is limited to mathematical geniuses, those who have the ability to count cards and remember unreal amounts of information. The fact of the matter is that there are a few simple tips and pointers that literally anybody can apply to their basic blackjack game in order to vastly improve their chances of winning…

A great deal of these tips simply stem from knowing what action to take when dealt each card; as every hand of blackjack is bound by the same rules, a player who us not using a sophisticated system (such as card counting) should always obey a few basic principles. For example, if you are dealt nine or lower, you should always hit.

Of course, in blackjack it is not just the player who is trying to get as close to 21 at possible, so it is important to always take note of the dealer’s cards; for instance, you should always hit if you are dealt a hand with a value between 10 and 16, but only if the dealer’s face up card is 7 or higher. A player should always stand if they receive a hand of 17 or higher – the odds of going bust from the next cards are just too high to risk.

Conversely a player should always take a hit if they are dealt a ‘soft’ 17 (i.e. an Ace and a 6); this is because an Ace can be used as either 1 or 11, so 8 of the 13 cards in a suit will be helpful in this circumstance – hitting on a soft 17 rarely does any significant amount of harm.

The final and most important tip, is to make sure you are playing blackjack with a clear head. This means avoiding long, drawn-out sessions; it is a sensible idea to retain you composure and make sure you take regular breaks in order to be at your best performance-wise.