Learn how to play Stravaganza

Why would you want to learn how to play Stravaganza?

– This is one of the easiest games in the casino and can be found at playtech casinos.
– If you like blackjack but don’t like busting out then this just might be the choice for you.
– There’s also a progressive jackpot up for grabs – play your cards right and you could find yourself on the receiving end of a considerable payday!

How to play

Living up to its name this game is an extravaganza of simplicity – all you need to do is get a points total higher than the dealer’s, from two or three cards. Card values are the same as blackjack and pontoon which means that number cards equal their face value and picture cards are all worth ten points. Unlike blackjack and pontoon, aces are only worth one point and never eleven.

The game begins with the opening deal where you receive two cards with the faces showing. The dealer receives all three cards face down.

There are some quick decisions to be made now and you have up to four ways of playing your hand:

Money back

If your total is five or less you are given the Money back option. Take this, the round ends and you get your entire stake back. A very attractive tool when you hit some low cards on the initial deal.

Rescue bet

Flop a total between six and nine and you can rescue half your bet and end the round right there. Again this may be the sanest choice if your points total is not looking too healthy.


Now it gets interesting! With ten or more points you can choose to forgo your third card and continue the round with the stake you laid.

Play on

And here the real gamble begins. Choosing this option places a second bet, of equal value to your first bet. You are dealt your third card and then its time to compare your hand with the dealer’s.


If you score a point total lower than the dealer’s you lose all bets placed.
If your total is higher, you win even money on all bets placed.
If the dealer’s first dealt card was a red ace, points totals are made redundant and you lose your first bet (if you placed a second bet then this stake is returned).
If the dealer’s second or third card dealt was a red ace then both your hands lose, regardless of the dealer’s first card or the points totals.

Bonus Payouts

When you play on, you can get yourself a bonus payout on your first bet. How it works is as follows:

Get three of a kind and receive 3x your first bet.
Trump-up three picture cards and you’ll be in line for 1.5x your first bet.

How the progressive jackpot works

Stravaganza is one of the games with the progressive jackpot. This means that a percentage of every bet made in the casino goes into a central prize pool which is paid out when a player hits a particular hand. Progressive jackpots can sometimes grow to huge levels so it’s often worth the extra bet!

To play for the jackpot in Stravaganza, just place a chip on the flashing slot on the table before placing your first bet. You are only dealt three cards but there are five ways of hitting a great payout – take a look at the pay table below:


Your Hand Payout
3 Kings of Hearts 100% of jackpot
3 Same Face Cards 10% of jackpot
3 of a Kind, Js – Ks 100x side bet amount
3 of a Kind, 5s – 10s 50x side bet amount
Any 30 10x side bet amount

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