Choosing an Online Casino

The world is loaded to the brim with Internet casinos. So what online casino is the one for you? And how do you stay away from the bad casinos?

For my money, here are some tried and true ways to select a solid online casino for your gambling needs.

First, only select online casinos that you can find lots of information about online. If you go to Google, MSN or Yahoo and type in the casino’s name, there should be loads of results. Check some of them out. Find some forums and look to see what people are saying.

Online Casino

Second, the online casino has got to accept multiple forms of payment—especially 3rd party payment options. If they just want cash or checking information (or Western Union), stay away. These are usually not good places to put your money.

Third, what does the casino offer? This is just a matter of taste. If you’re a Blackjack player, for instance, do they offer a lot of options? What if you’re a slots player. Do they offer lots of progressive jackpots?

Finally, the last step is time. Spend some time researching the online casinos that you’re interested in. Don’t just jump out there. The bigger online casinos are most likely safe, but they aren’t always the best bet for every gambler. Do some searching and read reviews and forums. You can learn a lot in an hour or two about an online casino.

And make sure you stay way from any online casino that’s offering “too good to be true” bonuses. There are a lot of great bonuses out there, but some fringe casinos will offer extremely higher bonuses—with no intention of paying out.

Got any other tips for selecting online casinos? Let’s hear them.

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