Solving the riddle of online poker profits

I am going to delve into where the money comes from in poker and it is not always from where you think it is. There are very important reasons why you need to be alert to just who is sitting in the two seats to your immediate left and also the two seats to your immediate right. Let me tell you something very important about one of the mechanics of poker, the money on average will flow in a clockwise direction.

This is a fact that is well understood by professionals and is a fact that underlines just how important position is in poker. You win money on average from the players on your right because you have position on them but you lose it to the players on your left because it is they that have position over you.

poker profits

Note that I said “on average” because for every rule, there are exceptions. If you have position on a world class player then don’t expect to take him to the cleaners just because you have position. Position is so important in poker and especially in a game like No Limit that a positional advantage can compensate for having a weak hand but having a strong hand cannot always compensate for having weak position. On the flip side, if the player to your left is very weak and passive then them having position over you would not have the same effect….like I said, on average.

So in an ideal world, let us say that you had the low down on all of your opponents on the table and that you could pick and choose where on the table to sit, what would be the optimum seat. You must understand that in poker, not all of the seats are the same and the quicker you realise this the better. Obviously in an online game then you cannot always pick and choose where you sit.

How can I become a professional Online Poker Player?

It is not difficult to become a professional poker player. You just have to analyze your personality and have to change your life style. You must become an open minded and calm person to entertain any type of challenge that comes in front of you. Some steps are mentioned below that will help you out in dictating your professional career.

1.    First of all, decide that what profit you will want to earn back on your invested money. This will set your monthly income from poker games. This will restrict you to earn enough profit at the end of the month.

2.    The next step is to decide that how much money you can invest in playing games. Of course, you are not money making machine. You must also have limited sources of income and you cannot waste all of your earning on trying poker games. You must need to keep extra money aside for playing poker games each month.

3.    You must keep in mind that poker games are based on winning and losing. That is why; you must not become addicted of it. You have to play game for becoming a professional so do not let it over take you.

4.    Aggressiveness is essential for becoming a professional player. You must take it as seriously, as you take your job. You might lose some money in the beginning but do not take it seriously.

5.    Professional players usually have to face short of cash and credit. So, be prepared beforehand. Make arrangement of extra resources of finance.

6.    A professional player must also keep himself physically and mentally fit. Regular exercise will ensure that you are not cutting away from the world and taking care of your health as well.

7.    Do not make yourself anti social animal. You can also enjoy poker playing on the internet as well as you can visit several casinos. Casinos provide you an opportunity to interact with different players and let you learn from their experiences. You can also arrange a poker party at your home and can invite your friends. This will also let you interact, as well as let you win huge amounts.

8.    Also try to keep yourself on learning phase. Learn hard and continually try to improve it. You can do it by playing online free poker games.

9.    In order, to become a professional player, you have to sacrifice your night life. As at day time you have to go on job and have to perform other duties, night is the only time left when you can practice your game.

10.    Always keep a backup for your life. It might be possible that poker does not suit your personality. In that case, you must change your career.