How Casino Games Differ from Poker Games

Differences Between Poker and Casino

When you hear the words “casino games”, don’t think of every game that takes place under a casino roof. The phrase “casino games” generally refers to table games, electronic gaming machines, and random number games. Table games, like blackjack and roulette, take place on specially designed felt tables. Electronic gaming machines are things like slot machines. Numbers games are games like Keno. There are some further shades of meaning in the casino games definition–for instance you may think of roulette as a table game but it is more accurately described as a random number game. But in general, that’s how they’re defined.

Poker games do not fall easily into any of these categories. Sure, they are table games, but you wouldn’t want to lump poker in with craps. Poker games are very different from the standard casino games found in most casinos.

Beating the House

The most obvious difference between poker games and casino games is that poker games are always played against other players. Casino games are always played against the house. Think of a game like blackjack or roulette–there are other people playing, but the outcome of your hand or wager has nothing to do with the outcome of theirs. Casino poker is every man for himself. You have to beat everyone else at your table to win.

Skill vs. Chance

Another important difference is that most casino games are games of chance, while poker games involve strategy. There are some casino games that include an element of skill, but of all the casino games, only video poker and blackjack offer any kind of positive expectation. Even those games provide a positive expectation only when played at a very high level with near-perfect strategy.

All poker games offer players a positive return provided those players are skilled enough to beat their opponents. There is an element of chance in poker, as far as the cards you’re dealt, but remember that a good poker player can bluff his way out of a bad set of cards.

Casino games are way more profitable for casinos than poker games–that’s why slot machines take up so much of the casino floor. For example, The Venetian in Vegas has over 2,500 slot machines but just 39 poker tables. The biggest difference between poker games and casino games is the fact that poker is played against other players while all casino games are played against the casino. The casino makes more money when more people play against the house, thanks to odds tilted in favor of the house.

Inside Bets

The inside bets are bets that are placed directly on the numbers. There are a few different wagers that make up the inside bets. Unlike outside bets, inside bets are harder to win and there for the payouts are greater. This picture shows where on the layout inside bets are played. You will want to check with the dealer prior to placing an inside bet as there may be some variation on the types of inside bets allowed.

Here are some of the standard inside bets usually available.

Straight-up bet – This is a wager made on a single number. Since the odds on winning this wager are so low the payout is huge at 35 to 1.

Split bet – This is a wager on any two numbers that are located next to each other. This bet is made by placing you chips on the line that seperates the two numbers.This wager wins if the ball lands on either of the numbers that are covered. If you win your payoff will be 17 to 1.

Street bet – This is a bet which will cover 3 number in a row so make sure to place the chip on the outside line of the row you want to bet and this one pays 11 to 1.

Corner bet – This is a single wager that is on 4 numbers that form a square on the layout. To make this bet you simply need to place a chip on the corner where the four numbers meet. This wager is also referred to as a square bet or quarter bet and will payoff at 8 to 1.

Five-number bet – There is only one five number bet in Roulette, it involves the zeros and is only found on American Roulette. This wager is made by Placing your bet on the corner of zero, 1, and the first dozen or double zero, 3 and the first dozen depending on the table layout. This wager cover 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3 and payoff at 6 to 1.

Six-number bet – This wager is a bet on 6 numbers. The six numbers are those in two adjacent rows. To make this bet simply place your wager on the outside line at the intersection of the two rows of numbers. This wager is also known as a ‘Line Bet’ and it pay off at 5 to 1.

The Red Snake bet – This wager is one that wagers on the red numbers that ‘snake’ their way down the roulette table. The sanke begins at the Red 1 spot on the table and goes down and to the left to red 5 and red 9. At red 9 it goes down to red 12 and the moves diagonally across the table in the other direction.

Although you may think that your chances of winning are greater with the red snake bet because of the amount of numbers that are covered by this bet. But roulette is a game of chance and the red snake bet doesn’t improve your odds that much.

All about Blackjack

Everyone understands the basic rule of Blackjack , 21, pontoon etc ..namely that you “bust” with a card value of 21. It’s one of the first card games you come across as a kid (after snap of course), but as a Casino game it’s simple but interesting to play, but to play well requires both instinct and honed skills .

You play against the dealer with the idea being you get a higher value hand (win) or equal value hand (“push”), you lose if the dealers hand is higher in value than yours as long as he doesn’t bust. Many beginners make the basic mistake of trying to get as close to 21 as possible without thinking about the dealers hand, if you play like that your win percentage will go through the floor!

Cards are valued as follows; 
An Ace can be 1 or 11 and its value becomes whatever is best for your hand. Jack, Queen and King have a value of ten, and all other cards have their face value. There is no relevance given to suits.

The dealer deals two cards each, yours both face up, his one up and one down (the “hole card” is the card faced down). Depending on your cards you a call “hit” for another card(s) until your ready to “stand” which is stay with the card value you’ve got, the dealer will then normally stand at 17 or over. The dealer can make no decisions over his hand , he hits till 17 or busts.

If your first two cards total 21 then you’ve got a “natural” or a Blackjack i.e an Ace and a 10 value card. The dealer can only draw “push” with same first two cards.

As well as “hit and “stand” you can “surrender” but only before doing anything else which means you “fold” losing half your original stake. In most games you can only do this after the dealer has checked his cards for a BlackJack. You can’t surrender after any other action with your hand.

You can “double down” with your initial two card hand which means you double your bet and receive only one new card. This is done when you feel that you can beat the dealers hand with just one card.

If you get two cards of the same value you can “split” the cards and have two hands. If you have two 8’s you are unlikely to win, your better off splitting and playing both hands.

One last option you have if the dealer shows an Ace with his up card is to take his offer of “insurance” a side bet on whether his hole card is a ten, for half your original stake. It means that although you lose your initial stake if he has a blackjack you will break even. If he hasn’t got a blackjack you lose your insurance stake and possibly your original bet. If you check the odds out it ain’t that good a move.

How to Make Slots the Most Fun

Playing online slots can be a lot of fun. However there are several things that you can do to make it more fun.

Keep changing the game that you are playing. Having some variation in the game will help you to enjoy the game more as you will not get bored. You will find that sites will have a selection of different slots games available and so you will not have to change sites to have a go at a different game.

Make sure that you only spend money that you can afford as worrying about making sure you win back something will stop the games being fun. It is worth remembering that the odds will be against you and so you are unlikely to win a big prize. Expecting to win, will lead to disappointment but not expecting to will make any win a lot more pleasurable.

Playing the game with other people can make it more fun. Getting your friends to play and sharing information about it can be good. Some slots site have message boards chat rooms or even in game chat and so you can socialise while playing and that can be a lot of fun as well.

Playing with the sound on in the game can improve it as well as you will hear the noises of the machine and also the sound of the money falling when you win. This can be extremely satisfying and make playing online feel more like playing a real slot machine.

Playing often may seem like the best way to have fun. However if you restrict yourself to a shorter time each day than you really want to play the anticipation will actually make the game more enjoyable. You may find that you get board and are only playing because you are afraid if you do not you may miss out on a win. This is not a fun way to play.

So to keep the game fun play different versions only spend your budget do not play too often play with other people and have the sound on.

Increase your odds of winning at a Roulette Table

The popularity of Roulette can be ascribed to the fact that most professional gamblers find it to be one of the most predictable games in a casino and thus find it easy to play. If you are an amateur in this regard and are looking for tips to formulate a winning strategy for playing roulette, you have come to just the right place. This article lists some easy to follow tips that can help you increase your odds of winning at a roulette table.

First and foremost, do not try your luck against any software. It is always a better option to place your bets on a roulette table in a live casino rather than in an online one, as there is no real wheel involved in the latter. Also, do not follow the practice of increasing your bet size after you win a bet or decreasing it following a loss. This is known as the progression technique. It is highly flawed and is one of the easiest and fastest ways to go bankrupt within a few spins.

With a good roulette betting strategy in place, you can win a significant amount by placing even flat bets. Alternatively, increasing or decreasing the bet size will only make you lose money faster or slower. Another important point to keep in mind while playing roulette is avoiding the temptation to place bets based on patterns that have been determined from the betting table. These are more often than not designed to make the table-based bets lose. Pay attention to the wheel and try to discern a pattern that can help you place winning bets.

Most amateur gamblers keep changing their strategy in the middle of the game with every bet that they place on the table. Even the best strategy will not pay off unless you have the will and discipline to stick to it. Furthermore, those who are new to the game should set a bankroll limit for themselves before taking their seat at the table. This will help them avoid losing more than they can afford and at the same time enable them to resist the temptation to keep playing even after they have won enough and then losing it all eventually with an impulsive bet made in the heat of the moment.

Finally, avoid making outside bets such as colors and dozens that are designed to ensure eventual loss and stick to inside bets such as split, street and corner that offer better chances of winning.

Top Ten Online Casinos: Best of the Best

Opinions on the top ten online casinos will always vary, as the popularity of online casino play continues to grow and the number of good sites increases. But we feel that we have uncovered the best Web-based casinos to visit for gambling and casino-game enjoyment.

Here’s a brief look at the “Top Ten Online Casinos” sites we like.

  1. Party Casino – As a long-standing online casino site, Party Casino offers reliable, high-quality gaming from the PartyGaming group. With more than 12 years of experience in the industry, this casino site has become a favorite with thousands of players. Key features include a $500 bonus program and the interesting members-club structure. Check out Party Casino now, while they have the “cash drop” program in action.
  2. Jackpot City – New players will immediately see the $500 promotion with “no purchase required.” But this casino boasts more than a decade of experience and great game variety too. These factors and others put it squarely on our list of Top Ten Online Casinos. The $20,000, free slots tournament might be a great way to become acquainted with Jackpot City.
  3. Lucky Nugget – That’s right, a $1,000 bonus/match and an hour of free play. This is just the start for Lucky Nugget, one of our Top Ten Online Casinos. Get acquainted with this great casino by taking part in the free, $20,000 slots tournament. Play in one of the exciting blackjack tournaments and win. As with all of our top ten, this is an eCOGRA site.
  4. Platinum Play – Billing this site as “Home to the World’s Greatest Slots” may not be too much of a stretch. First-time visitors to this site will see some of the sharpest graphics and photo backgrounds anywhere. Look into the magnificent variety at this no-deposit casino. If you have a question, get in touch with a helpful assistant 24 hours a day. Currently offers the €1,000,000 Grand Slam Slots challenge, quoted as “The Richest Slots Tournament ever!.”
  5. All Slots Casinos – An award-winning choice that makes everyone’s list of favorites. Featuring quality games and graphics, along with a great payout percentage, All Slots is part of the Jackpot Factory. A decade of online gambling/casino experience helps put All Slots Casino at the head of the class. Loyal regulars at All Slots can get up to 5,000 bonus credits in a year! Tip: Check out the VIP Lounge.
  6. All Jackpots Casinos – Consistently recognized as one of the best, All Jackpots has been selected Best Overall Online Casino 2007 by Online Gambling Awards judges. All Jackpots also offers the best online promotions, so new players should check this one out. You’ll find more than 200 slot-machine varieties at All Jackpots, a member of Jackpot Factory.
  7. Royal Vegas – Years of experience and an amazing variety of games makes Royal Vegas one of the Top Ten Online Casinos. A member of the Fortune Lounge Group, this casino offers great graphics, an attractive new-player bonus and the security you expect. In fact all of our top ten sites feature reliability, privacy and excellent payout percentages.
  8. Roxy Palace – Roxy Palace is consistently among the most popular casinos because of game variety, top-notch graphics and great opportunities to win. Roxy Palace management made it their goal to have the most reliable, trusted site online. This alone could place them in the top ten with our other great online-gambling choices. Look into the four levels of membership, with credit levels reaching 7,500.
  9. Grand Hotel Casino – Elegance and a lack of clutter give this site a sense of exclusivity, but Grand Hotel Casino makes the list of Top Ten Online Casinos for other reasons. With a €/$/£10 welcome “handshake” new players are greeted in the correct way. Bonus promotions for new players reach 5560 credits. Earn keys to the players club at Grand Hotel Casino and see why this is one of the best sites online.
  10. Vegas Slot – Paying its winners big money and offering new-player bonuse and promotions that are among the best around put Vegas Slot in the top ten on our list. This is a sister site to Grand Hotel Casino, so players can be sure it is reliable and fun!

EuroPalace Casino

The EuroPalace Casino is a relative newcomer to the multibillion dollar online gaming and casino industry. Many of the key players have been around since the late 1990s. It appears that the people behind the EuroPalace casino kept their eyes open, and learned a thing or two by watching the competition over the years. They opened their (virtual) doors in 2009 and have in a short time become one of the great forces to be reckoned with in the industry.

Their success can be attributed to several good decisions they’ve made over the years. Licensed through the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta, this is one of the rare online casinos that are actually licensed in the EU. This is a huge boon to players, as the EU takes its licensing extremely seriously, and players have a governing body to turn to if they ever need arbitration of any sort. Needless to say, problems involving an online casino with a pedigree such as EuroPalace are exceedingly rare.

The rarity of complaints comes in part due to the excellent customer support in several languages, and in part from the fact that EuroPalace has excellent security systems in place. User information sits on servers utilizing the latest and most powerful firewalls, and 128-bit SSL Digital Encryption protects transactions from prying eyes. So far so good, but it goes further. EuroPalace utilizes the excellent Microgaming Viper platform. This is by far one of the best platforms out there, with rock solid stability ensuring seamless gaming, doing away with disconnect problems. EuroPalace has the coveted eCOGRA Seal of Approval on its site. This means their software is constantly tested by a third party for fairness, and it means that EuroPalace enjoys a reputation of the highest standards among the casinos in the industry.

EuroPalace stands truly among the best and they know it. Bonuses are mind boggling. Customer support is beyond all reproach. Safety is assured. There are over 350 games to choose from. At least half of them can be played directly in the browser without any download whatsoever. Because of this, players can log in from any computer, assured of complete privacy and safety. And the commitment to excellence in the EuroPalace experience shows throughout all of the games.

But how are the games themselves? In short, fantastic. Let’s start with the table games. They are fully featured, and the variety is truly impressive. Roulette, for example is offered in French, American, and European varieties. They have High Limit tables as well. Craps is on offer, as is Baccarat. These games don’t feel like the simulations of days past. They manage to capture the excitement of the real thing. Read More →

Ruby Fortune Casino

Play your way to riches at Ruby Fortune Casino. This online gaming site, first launched in 2003, is a real gem among the rubble. Whether you’re interested in playing right from your web browser or would prefer to download software to play high-quality and high-payout games, Ruby Fortune gives you both options. Choose from over 450 unique games to play including favorites such as slot machines, video poker, roulette and blackjack. All games and software available for play at the casino are powered by Microgaming, so you know that you are playing the latest games with outstanding graphic and video performance. Players will also find some of the largest real cash prizes on the internet when playing here.

Where To Play

Ruby Fortune is one of the few and best online gaming sites that is completely global. Wherever you’re located or whoever you’re with, take a seat and enjoy playing games for real cash prizes. Deposit money in your desired currency and cash out your winnings in the same format. Some currencies accepted at Ruby Fortune include the US dollar, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar and Euros. Even select your native language to view the site in, making the experience completely personalized. Support is even available to all players throughout the world in phone, email or web chat versions.

Ruby Fortune Casino Bonuses

One reason why many choose to play online at Ruby Fortune is the excellent bonus that is available just for signing up. Three match-up bonuses of 100%, 50% and 25% will be given to new players upon their first three deposits. Use your free bonus cash instantly on over 450 exciting casino games.