Bingo Sites Closing, Slot Sites Opening

The past few years have been something of a rollercoaster for the gambling industry, with particular changes felt in the slots and bingo niches where the popularity of bingo has been declining whilst slot games have been experiencing a meteoric explosion in popularity.

Around a decade ago there was the initial boom when the needle started to budge and there was a bit of a landslide which saw traditional bingo players join gambling sites. Bingo Halls around the country were beginning to close as players were swapping their paper bingo cards for the virtual equivalent. The early bingo sites were offering players fantastic sign up offers in order to get them to take the time to register and some would even offer players a no deposit bonus i.e. you would get free bonus money without even spending a penny.

Free Bingo games were a massive attraction on sites such as Costa, Foxy Bingo and Rocket Bingo where players could bag hundreds of pounds, playing for free but winning real money. without even spending a penny on their bingo tickets. So, when did the mass exodus from bingo sites begin?

Tax Changes

In 2019 there has been some changes to the law where bingo sites are taxed on the bonuses they give out, this lead to online bingo sites like Rocket Bingo removing their deposit bonuses and opting instead for wheel based welcome offers. This has had a massive impact on the industry, to such an extent they’ve had to rethink their welcome offers entirely.

We’ve seen a lot of standard 300% or even 400% bonus matches for new players removed or reduced to a mere 100% match. This has also affected the re-deposit bonuses where these are sometimes eliminated completely. Understandably this move hasn’t gone down very well with the customers who really relied on this to motivate them and keep them playing at the site. Read More →

Social benefits of playing bingo online

The internet medium has brought a lot of changes and convenience factors to our lives , Similarly it has made a bigger impact on the gaming industry as well. People across the globe, no matter what age group they belong, they all come together and play this game. As long as you have an internet connection and a mobile device, you can stay connected and play online bingo from anywhere.

playing bingo online

Bingo as a game itself involves not just a few people, but this industry is worth millions and increasing rapidly. Initial it was difficult for the players to accept online bingo, but slowly with matter of time when the chat room feature was introduced to online bingo sites, Players got opportunity to socialize and meet new people.

Now online bingo is known as an social game. In online bingo players don’t come with a mind set of making money, rather they prefer meeting new like -minded people and chatting with each other. Learning the bingo lingo too, was taken just as seriously. Players were extremely courteous to each other, as they used to be in bingo halls. The auto daub feature does the daubing while the game is on and all you have to do is sit back and relax.

Online bingo brought together many players and they also have official pages on popular social media platforms such as Facebook and twitter to convey their message on the big jackpots, bonus offers, etc which are running on the site that players can make use of. GameVillage Bingo is one such site that uses their Facebook page on daily basis and also conducts contests every once in a while. This way, members of the site get to know each other even better.

Players can play bingo games anytime they want to, as long as they have a speedy internet connection. GameVillage Bingo is also available on mobile phones and in fact the user interface has been made all the more simpler. So players can navigate through the site easily with no hassles and enjoy the game of bingo.

Bingo – A tryst with fortune

Millions of people engage in some form of gambling activities everyday. In this day and age, gambling has become an essential part of a lot of people’s lives.

Commonly known as betting that involves staking money, gambling irrespective of skills, is highly dependent on chance or luck. The odds can be turned to a player’s favour, but winning or losing is not at all in a player’s hand. One of the popular versions currently trending among punters is online bingo. Operators in different versions try to get players to their site in the form of free bingo online, no deposit bonuses, bingo promotions and so forth.

free bingo online

Bingo is a number based game of luck that involves no strategies at all. Games like poker, sports betting, for instance, are largely driven by skill. Especially in online bingo, players are not expected to be astute and require skills in any form. In fact, people play bingo to socialize with hundreds and thousands of other people. No wonder they say, it helps you unwind! Large variety of games, smashing chat rooms, generous jackpots are what makes popular bingo sites like GameVillage Bingo contenders for the crown.

This gripping game has almost become the latest fad. Instead of braving the cold weather outside, people can sit at home and socialize. Online bingo can be so cheap that it can be played for free too. As the game is open 24/7, players can choose to play anytime they fancy. The nail-biting moments when players are almost about to shout out ‘Bingo!’ is what hooks them to the game so much. Also the chance to get hands on a tidy sum by spending just a few pence, seems enthralling.

If you think, bingo is for the gray haired generation, then you are dead wrong. Young people irrespective of their age and sex, today are getting involved in bingo games.

Join this adrenaline pumping game if you haven’t yet. It will be worth your while. Good luck!

Playing Online Bingo for Money Certainly Pays Off

Bingo has come a long way from its origin in Italy. The game started out as a teaching tool and now, bingo has caught up with the modern world. Bingo is offered in several variations, and people can play it in person for fun or for money. One of the most common forms of bingo play is playing online bingo for money at any of these top 50 websites .

Hundreds of years ago in Italy and other parts of Europe, bingo was used for educational purposes. Children were taught how to spell, multiplication tables, and various animals. The game traveled to the United States through word of mouth and it started off being played at carnivals in the south.

Eventually, in the 1920’s, a toy expert brought the game up to New York, where it was a hit. Originally, the game was played with numbered cards and beans, which brought about the name of Beano. Somewhere along the line, the name was changed to bingo.

Now, the game is played across the country and in various forms. People aren’t limited to using just beans to mark the cards; markers can be made out of anything small, from stamps to pieces of candy.

Playing Online Bingo

Bingo is still being played in educational environments, and has developed into different versions, like Slingo, which blends slots and bingo. In Death bingo, players that get bingos before filling up most of their cards are eliminated. The winner is the player who fills out the most spaces on his or her board before finally getting a bingo.

Television shows, like Bingo America and ABC’s National Bingo Night, have even been created. National Bingo Night was cancelled by ABC in 2007 and repackaged as Bingo America. On the show, audience members were able to play bingo for money and played against each other to win. This show invited viewers to play along with pre-printed game cards that were available from the show’s website just before each episode aired; at-home viewers were eligible to play bingo for money as well.

Pinoy Bingo Night was another game show that broadcasted in the Philippines in 2009 and allowed contestants to play bingo for money.

Bingo has also been adapted into a game played at casinos across the country. Other games have bingo counterparts that are also played in casinos.

Now, those games have come to the internet and you can play several rounds of online bingo for money, just as you would if you were playing in a casino. Websites like Bingohall and Luckity provide people the opportunity to create accounts and play. Read More →

Which are the best bingo sites at the moment?

Bingo sites are fast becoming the preferred way for thousands of adults to spend their time online. Perfectly replicating the traditional gaming hall, by adding features such as chat rooms and number cards, online bingo is the fashionable and fun way to spend a relaxing evening in.

According to a study conducted by the leading UK Bingo Portal,, “online bingo is attracting a significantly younger audience than the generational stereotype of traditional bingo would suggest… the single most common age of an online bingo player… is 25 years”.

Choosing to join the crowds and play the balls can seem easier said than done given that there are so many options available of where to play online bingo. Bingo sites are being developed in droves, so where is the best to place your bets?

Ladbrokes Bingo

The king of online bingo and undoubtedly one of the best bingo sites around with a professional user interface making the game easier to play than ever.

Ladbrokes offers gamers £25 free for signing up and depositing £10. The site also offers sales, where players can deposit £5 and still receive the £25 free play.

The site has recently won the Site of the Year award for 2011 and offers other incentives such as points that of course mean (cash) prizes.

X Bingo

Similar to Ladbrokes Bingo, X Bingo gives players an impressive 200 per cent reward for depositing with the site; a gamer who chooses to deposit £10 will be rewarded with £30 free play. The site also awards £5 play simply for signing up, as well as running a customer loyalty scheme.

Original and appealing to both men and women, X Bingo boasts both 90 and 75 ball plays and is one of the bingo sites worth waging on.

Bingo Street

Bingo Street is one of the new kids on the block. It offers a sweet and sunny platform, aimed at the female demographic with a tab for those all-important promotions and bonuses to ensure you are getting the most from your gaming.

The site does require you to log on before you can enter the bingo lobby, however it’s surprising to find card details aren’t required upon sign up. Once inside there is a literal bingo street with shops and houses to represent different games of 90 and 75 ball bingo. This is one for those who would love to live on a candyfloss cloud.

Costa Bingo

Costa Bingo is an online bingo platform that offers a multitude of games for free all day, every day. If you prefer to play for bigger prizes there are plenty of rooms on offer that do come with higher jackpots, however there is no pressure to ditch the free play and opt for paid playing.

Those who do choose to deposit with Costa Bingo are rewarded with 200 per cent free play, meaning that £10 quickly garners a £20 bonus, leaving the player with £30 in funds.

As with some of the better-known bingo sites, Costa Bingo offers a chat room facility, which adds to the social aspect of online bingo.

Sing Bingo

Themed bingo sites do not come more modern than this. Sing Bingo is a music-based website which offers a huge 350 per cent deposit bonus, up to £100, for those who initially play £10 or more. Try the site out for free by registering and receiving £10 in complementary play.

TFI Friday bonuses, Groupie! and Funky Free are a selection of some of the musical mayhem available on Sing Bingo. This is online bingo that definitely has The X Factor!

Online Bingo Is The Gateway to Stress-Free Entertainment – Are You Ready?

Trying to find stress-free ways to entertainment yourself can be tricky — so why not turn to online bingo? Yes, we know it can take some getting used to, but we really are talking about playing online bingo. You might not immediately think of going online and actually playing bingo but it’s definitely a smart idea. Even if you’re normally used to playing strategy games, there’s nothing wrong with getting away from plotting and scheming for a change. Don’t you already do enough plotting and scheming with your day? Wouldn’t it be nice to go and play a game where everyone really has the same changes of winning? OK, so there will be some people that buy more bingo cards than you, but that doesn’t mean that you’re automatically going to lose. They still might not win. It’s all about the luck of the numbers and the sequence that they fall under. It’s tempting to think that you’ve got to buy a bunch of cards, but you really don’t have to. Of course, if you really wanted to buy a lot of cards, you could — they’re usually pretty inexpensive, so you can get as many as you would like within the limits of the game in question.

We are indeed assuming that there are numerous ways to play bingo, and that’s definitely the case here. Many casinos actually offer bingo halls that can seem almost like a separate world. When you really know that you need to slow down and think about something else than just strategy, then bingo is definitely your friend. And that’s perfectly acceptable. We’re not going to go tell the strategy police if you decide to do something else than treat everyone like a competitor.

Actually, that’s the funny part — when you start playing non-strategy games, you begin to see the point where community and betting merge together. You can win real money playing online bingo at the casino, and still have time to talk to other people playing the game. Seasoned bingo players can talk to you while they hit their daubs properly. It might be hard offline, but it’s actually easy online — auto-daub rooms make this easier. This gives you a chance to make new friends and have even more fun.

The time is now to pursue stress-free ways of entertainment — why not start with bingo?

Blow Off The Stress of The Day With Online Bingo

Stress, stress, and more stress. It’s tempting to think that there’s just no way to get rid of the stress in your life. It comes to a point where you will need to still think about all of the different things that you can do in order to have a good time once the work day is over and your time is yours again.

Yet when the temperatures get higher and higher, it’s not fun to go outside. It might feel like the sun is just sitting there sucking away your energy. It’s better then to stay inside, but what can you do without leaving home? Television and music have their places, but sometimes you want a little more interaction than that. If that’s where you’re at right now, don’t worry — you are truly in good company!

Blow off the stress of the day with online bingo. It’s simple to play, simple to win, and simple to have win. Think about it — you spend most of your day using full brainpower to do just about everything under the sun from running errands to handling the kids. When you really get time to just focus on your own pleasure, why make things complicated?

Online bingo is a great choice, and the truth is that it’s easier to get started than you think. You might not realize this, but you do have a lot of great choices for online bingo. The best thing that you can do is start reading some online bingo reviews, but if you want our best recommendation to save time, it’s got to be Sun Bingo. They are a fun site that definitely makes sure that you’re having a good time no matter when you play. The support is top notch, which means that problems are solved quickly and without complaint. A lot of sites can lack customer service skills, making normal gameplay easy but difficult when problems arise.

Step over those problems easily with Sun Bingo and then you’ll have the perfect path to resting in style, comfort, and convenience!