Blackjack variations

Because we love blackjack, the casino has developed some fun and exciting variations on this classic game.

Blackjack Surrender is a version of the game where you may ‘surrender’ following the opening deal if you don’t like your chances of winning. Doing so means you forfeit half your stake, but clever use of the surrender option can increase your chances of winning.

Blackjack Switch is an interesting variant on blackjack where the player plays two hands and can swap the top card of each hand to improve their hands and chances of winning. Blackjack Switch also has a great side game called ‘Super Match’ where you get paid if any two of your four cards match. Get in there!

Progressive Blackjack – In the casino there’s also a Progressive Blackjack game to sink your teeth into. With progressives a percentage of every bet made in the casino goes into a central prize pool that’s paid out when a player hits a particular hand. Jackpots can grow to huge levels, sometimes even reaching millions of dollars!

Live Dealer Blackjack – It’s important to realize that your experience is entirely up to you. So if you want the best blackjack experience around, you have to look at the “live” experience. Instead of dealing with a computerized dealer, you get to have the thrill of talking to a real blackjack dealer in real time. Live dealer blackjack brings all of the thrill of a land-based casino right to your living room — or anywhere else you feel comfortable.

How the progressive jackpot works

To play the jackpot game, you must make a side bet by placing a chip on the flashing slot on the table. The flashing light will turn green and then it’s time to go for the win!

To win a jackpot, you’ll need to be dealt one of the winning card combinations in the pay table below (remember that in casino blackjack cards are dealt from six decks):

Your Hand Payout
4 suited aces 100% of jackpot
3 suited aces 5000x side bet amount
4 aces 2500x side bet amount
3 aces 250x side bet amount
2 suited aces 100x side bet amount
2 aces 50x side bet amount
1 ace 5x side bet amount

All combinations are counted from the first card dealt and split hands are treated independently. So if you are dealt aces of the same suit four times in-a-row, you win the whole jackpot – even winning with one ace gets you back 5-1 on your side bet! With such great odds progressives bring an interesting and exciting addition to our favourite casino card game – try your luck…

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