Cashing Out Strategy for Online Gaming

When it comes to online gaming, most people only think about the games to play and how much they can afford. They don’t give much thought in how often or how much they should cash out. That’s why I’m going to offer some useful tips for cashing out money from online casinos.

The end of the month

This is my personal favourite thing to do. It makes the month much more enjoyable to see my winnings. If you danh bai online with money you shouldn’t need to with draw your deposit quickly. Waiting until the end of the month is a solid practice as it’s like treating gaming like a job. You get to enjoy the money more that you’ve won too. Also, it’s easy to track your cashouts if it’s just once a month. This is a popular cash out strategy by online gamers. Read More →

5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Slots

Slot machines may look like a fairly simple contraption but trust us, there are multi page guides on these machines.

You would be forgiven for thinking that it is simply the case that you pull the lever, spin the reels and see where they stop. However, as it turns out there’s quite a lot more to these machines than meets the eye and since you’re here, we thought we may as well share  some of our knowledge.

Slot Millionaires

Did you know that there has been  a small number of people that have won over a million pounds playing on slots?  This can be by playing either online or in land-based casinos.  The biggest win we know of was won on a slot machine about a decade ago in Las Vegas, Nevada. A $32 million-pound win was recorded, a very rare but spectacular win indeed.

Even online, there have been some pretty nifty wins where slot games have given away large cash sums.  Such games with high payouts are well advertised on slot, bingo and casino sites and there is no specific technique involved in winning, after all these are just simple games of chance, with the games with the highest RTP offering the best chances of a win, if you don’t know what RTP means, click here. Read More →

Bingo Sites Closing, Slot Sites Opening

The past few years have been something of a rollercoaster for the gambling industry, with particular changes felt in the slots and bingo niches where the popularity of bingo has been declining whilst slot games have been experiencing a meteoric explosion in popularity.

Around a decade ago there was the initial boom when the needle started to budge and there was a bit of a landslide which saw traditional bingo players join gambling sites. Bingo Halls around the country were beginning to close as players were swapping their paper bingo cards for the virtual equivalent. The early bingo sites were offering players fantastic sign up offers in order to get them to take the time to register and some would even offer players a no deposit bonus i.e. you would get free bonus money without even spending a penny.

Free Bingo games were a massive attraction on sites such as Costa, Foxy Bingo and Rocket Bingo where players could bag hundreds of pounds, playing for free but winning real money. without even spending a penny on their bingo tickets. So, when did the mass exodus from bingo sites begin?

Tax Changes

In 2019 there has been some changes to the law where bingo sites are taxed on the bonuses they give out, this lead to online bingo sites like Rocket Bingo removing their deposit bonuses and opting instead for wheel based welcome offers. This has had a massive impact on the industry, to such an extent they’ve had to rethink their welcome offers entirely.

We’ve seen a lot of standard 300% or even 400% bonus matches for new players removed or reduced to a mere 100% match. This has also affected the re-deposit bonuses where these are sometimes eliminated completely. Understandably this move hasn’t gone down very well with the customers who really relied on this to motivate them and keep them playing at the site. Read More →

Online Slot Games

Online Slots UK games are the most popular online casino game played internationally. The quick and simple game of slots and the massive jackpot cashouts are what draws players to the online slot games. There are many different “types” of online slot games, catering to different preferences of play. Here is a list of some popular online slot machines.

Online Slot Machines

Wheel of Fortune

Simply put, the wheel of fortune is a classic online slots game. Play the game, enter the bonus round and spin that wheel. Then hear the crowd chant as your destiny spins “WHEEL OF FORTUNE!”.

Enchanted Unicorn

The Enchanted Unicorn online slots game is massively popular. It has a fantasy/mythical theme and has a max prize of 10,000 Great Britain Pounds. Read More →

Casino Game Strategy


Slot machines are the most popular casino game on every mobile casino, due to their simplicity, the speed of play and the fact that you can make good money with the simple push of a button. Online slots come in a variety of forms and a variety of themes, often based on something in popular culture. Online slots are often used in tournaments, where players enter and compete against other players for prizes.


One of the most popular table games, blackjack is a combination of skill and strategy. By following basic strategy, you can reduce the house edge to only 0.5%, which is one of the lowest in the casino industry. The game is quite simple: all you have to do is draw a hand higher than the dealer without going over 21. The skill, high speed of play and countless varieties make the game of blackjack one you can play often without ever getting old. Read More →

Social benefits of playing bingo online

The internet medium has brought a lot of changes and convenience factors to our lives , Similarly it has made a bigger impact on the gaming industry as well. People across the globe, no matter what age group they belong, they all come together and play this game. As long as you have an internet connection and a mobile device, you can stay connected and play online bingo from anywhere.

playing bingo online

Bingo as a game itself involves not just a few people, but this industry is worth millions and increasing rapidly. Initial it was difficult for the players to accept online bingo, but slowly with matter of time when the chat room feature was introduced to online bingo sites, Players got opportunity to socialize and meet new people.

Now online bingo is known as an social game. In online bingo players don’t come with a mind set of making money, rather they prefer meeting new like -minded people and chatting with each other. Learning the bingo lingo too, was taken just as seriously. Players were extremely courteous to each other, as they used to be in bingo halls. The auto daub feature does the daubing while the game is on and all you have to do is sit back and relax.

Online bingo brought together many players and they also have official pages on popular social media platforms such as Facebook and twitter to convey their message on the big jackpots, bonus offers, etc which are running on the site that players can make use of. GameVillage Bingo is one such site that uses their Facebook page on daily basis and also conducts contests every once in a while. This way, members of the site get to know each other even better.

Players can play bingo games anytime they want to, as long as they have a speedy internet connection. GameVillage Bingo is also available on mobile phones and in fact the user interface has been made all the more simpler. So players can navigate through the site easily with no hassles and enjoy the game of bingo.

Learn how to play Stravaganza

Why would you want to learn how to play Stravaganza?

– This is one of the easiest games in the casino and can be found at playtech casinos.
– If you like blackjack but don’t like busting out then this just might be the choice for you.
– There’s also a progressive jackpot up for grabs – play your cards right and you could find yourself on the receiving end of a considerable payday!

How to play

Living up to its name this game is an extravaganza of simplicity – all you need to do is get a points total higher than the dealer’s, from two or three cards. Card values are the same as blackjack and pontoon which means that number cards equal their face value and picture cards are all worth ten points. Unlike blackjack and pontoon, aces are only worth one point and never eleven.

The game begins with the opening deal where you receive two cards with the faces showing. The dealer receives all three cards face down.

There are some quick decisions to be made now and you have up to four ways of playing your hand:

Money back

If your total is five or less you are given the Money back option. Take this, the round ends and you get your entire stake back. A very attractive tool when you hit some low cards on the initial deal.

Rescue bet

Flop a total between six and nine and you can rescue half your bet and end the round right there. Again this may be the sanest choice if your points total is not looking too healthy.


Now it gets interesting! With ten or more points you can choose to forgo your third card and continue the round with the stake you laid.

Play on

And here the real gamble begins. Choosing this option places a second bet, of equal value to your first bet. You are dealt your third card and then its time to compare your hand with the dealer’s.


If you score a point total lower than the dealer’s you lose all bets placed.
If your total is higher, you win even money on all bets placed.
If the dealer’s first dealt card was a red ace, points totals are made redundant and you lose your first bet (if you placed a second bet then this stake is returned).
If the dealer’s second or third card dealt was a red ace then both your hands lose, regardless of the dealer’s first card or the points totals.

Bonus Payouts

When you play on, you can get yourself a bonus payout on your first bet. How it works is as follows:

Get three of a kind and receive 3x your first bet.
Trump-up three picture cards and you’ll be in line for 1.5x your first bet.

How the progressive jackpot works

Stravaganza is one of the games with the progressive jackpot. This means that a percentage of every bet made in the casino goes into a central prize pool which is paid out when a player hits a particular hand. Progressive jackpots can sometimes grow to huge levels so it’s often worth the extra bet!

To play for the jackpot in Stravaganza, just place a chip on the flashing slot on the table before placing your first bet. You are only dealt three cards but there are five ways of hitting a great payout – take a look at the pay table below:


Your Hand Payout
3 Kings of Hearts 100% of jackpot
3 Same Face Cards 10% of jackpot
3 of a Kind, Js – Ks 100x side bet amount
3 of a Kind, 5s – 10s 50x side bet amount
Any 30 10x side bet amount

Solving the riddle of online poker profits

I am going to delve into where the money comes from in poker and it is not always from where you think it is. There are very important reasons why you need to be alert to just who is sitting in the two seats to your immediate left and also the two seats to your immediate right. Let me tell you something very important about one of the mechanics of poker, the money on average will flow in a clockwise direction.

This is a fact that is well understood by professionals and is a fact that underlines just how important position is in poker. You win money on average from the players on your right because you have position on them but you lose it to the players on your left because it is they that have position over you.

poker profits

Note that I said “on average” because for every rule, there are exceptions. If you have position on a world class player then don’t expect to take him to the cleaners just because you have position. Position is so important in poker and especially in a game like No Limit that a positional advantage can compensate for having a weak hand but having a strong hand cannot always compensate for having weak position. On the flip side, if the player to your left is very weak and passive then them having position over you would not have the same effect….like I said, on average.

So in an ideal world, let us say that you had the low down on all of your opponents on the table and that you could pick and choose where on the table to sit, what would be the optimum seat. You must understand that in poker, not all of the seats are the same and the quicker you realise this the better. Obviously in an online game then you cannot always pick and choose where you sit.